For property agents or landlords, how to properly deal with terrible or bad tenants is very important. Today, we’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know in order for you to deal with them correctly. 

If you’ve ever dealt with bad tenants, you’ll agree with me when I say they are a nightmare for any property agent. From late rent payments to not making rent payments at all, bad tenants are a big headache. Some of you might be fooled to think that you’ll never have a terrible tenant, but trust me it will happen. It might be as soon as next week, a month or even a year.

Why? Well, they do come in all shapes and sizes and can easily slide through any screening process. This in mind, you can understand why it’s not easy to point out a bad tenant when renting out your property. This is more so true if you are unable to get a history of their behavior in previous rentals. Most property agents go through the hassle of dealing with terrible tenants at some point, and a valuable tip, it’s not easy.

It is with this that we’ve opted to share you this property agent post on bad tenants. The tips we’ve shared below should help you get through sticky situations with bad tenants regardless of the situation you are in. The best part is you’ll be able to deal with them professionally with no fuss, hassles or headaches. That said, here are the tips will be focusing on in this property agent post;

  • Have Everything In Writing
  • Be Firm From The Start
  • Know The Law
  • Use Certified Mails
  • Ask Them To Leave

Have Everything In Writing From The Beginning  

If there is something important in any tenant-landlord relationship is having everything in writing. The best way you can be able to these is by drawing up a comprehensive lease agreement. This type of lease agreements dictates how you and the tenant will behave during your time together. When drawing up a comprehensive lease agreement, ensure you it touches on just about everything.

Whether its amenities, features or additional special needs, make sure it’s noted down somewhere. You should consider customizing your lease agreements to best suit your needs. You can also add rules and regulations that are specific and fit your rental property. In other words, don’t be afraid to have a lease that’s slightly from the standard industry lease.

As a property agent, you should make sure that you avoid using standardized lease forms at all cost. Why? Well, they simply don’t touch on your unique policies. Even if they do, they never do, they never provide solutions you are comfortable with.  

Be Firm From The Start

When leasing out your property during a sales process, it’s important you don’t come out as a cold strict property agent. But once a leasing decision is made it is important you be firm from the start. Be very clear on what you expect from your tenant.

Whether its payment, property maintenance, noise issues or any other thing, make sure you inform them well in advance. You can notify them verbally and then go on to have it in writing. Go a step further by ensuring your tenant acknowledges these things in writing. Have them sign somewhere that they agree to follow your property policies.

Many property agents are way too focused on making tenants feel at home as opposed to being firm. In the process, they end up forgetting about their policies. The problem with this is that some tenants tend to push things when given such freedom. Find a way of being helpful and friendly to your tenant but also firm.   

Know The Law

Some terrible tenants like entangling property agents in legal issues. Given this fact, it is important that you are well prepared on all things property law. Given that renter’s protection law tends to mysterious, it is important that you familiarize yourself with it.

If you don’t have time, you should consider seeking advice or help of an attorney. Some bad tenants are well aware that property agents aren’t familiar with the renter’s law protection. As such, they knowingly beat unwary property agents over the head with different laws.

Another thing you can do when it comes to matters law is making clear detailed records. In particular, you should carefully record instances of lease violations. These might be complaints by neighbours or even things like late rent payment. In other words, not down items that’ll help prove your case. Don’t forget to write in the date and time in your records.    

Use Certified Mails

One common thing you are likely to hear when dealing with terrible tenants is that they didn’t receive your message. They tend to do this in order to delay whatever action a property agent is requesting for.  Therefore, you need to put in place or use a system that’ll leave no room for doubt that a bad tenant received an important document.

One system that’s proven useful is the use of certified mail. By doing so, you’ll be able to prove that your message was communicated to your tenant. For further protection consider sending a second copy via regular mail. When using certified mail, make sure keep a stack of certified mail postcards as well as receipt slips.   

Ask Them To Leave?

If you’ve done just about everything and still have issues with your tenant, consider asking them to leave. Don’t be fooled to think this is an easy fix, no. Some tenants won’t want to move out voluntarily. Therefore it is important that you prepare yourself for such a situation when it happens. If you’ve reached a point where you want your tenant to move out, start by sending them a notice to vacate.

This should be in written form, don’t send someone to ask them to vacate. This way, they’ll know without a doubt that you seriously want them to move out. In some instances, unfortunately, this never works out. In such situations, you might result in forcing the tenant out. If it reaches to this level, keep in mind that you can do it without having to incur a costly eviction process.

There you have it, how property agents should deal with bad tenants. For additional information on what to do in such a situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can do this over the phone with Altus Realty at (08) 8180 9025.

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